shree bharat ion exchange engineers
shree bharat ion exchange engineers shree bharat ion exchange engineers shree bharat ion exchange engineers shree bharat ion exchange engineers shree bharat ion exchange engineers
shree bharat ion exchange engineersshree bharat ion exchange engineers
shree bharat ion exchange engineers
shree bharat ion exchange engineers
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Sewage & Effluent Treatment Process

We provide several treatment processes based on type and reuse of sewage or domestic wastewaters including : and a carefully selected combination of these processes where needed in removing BOD from industrial wastewaters.

The plants are available in steel or concrete construction. Small plants for hotels, small societies, hospitals are available as compact packaged plant.
Preliminary Treatment
Our designs provide superior Preliminary Treatment that is easy to operate and ensures trouble free plant operations :
Screening - larger solids (plastics, rag, woody material) are removed first by mechanical screens.
Grit removal - At the next preliminary stage, fine mineral matter (grit and sand), originating mainly from road runoff, is allowed to deposit in long channels or circular traps. It is important to control the flow velocity at peak flows to ensure good grit removal. Grease removal is also done with carefully designed baffle plates. Our designs provide balanced hydraulics making it very effective.
Primary Treatment Sedimentation
Depending on the size of the plant and nature of suspended solids, we provide primary clarification if necessary. This reduces power load on secondary biological treatment but primary clarification generates sludge that needs to be stabilized.
Secondary (biological) Treatment
Settled sewage then flows to an aerobic biological treatment stage where it comes into contact with micro-organisms which remove and oxidize most of the remaining organic pollutants. Air is supplied to enhance the bacterial action removing 90 99% organic waste.

Coarse to medium bubble Diffusers from made by us provide a rugged alternative to the plastic / rubber membrane diffusers. Membrane diffusers get ruptured making entire aeration system inefficient. Our diffuser design is known to last decades without any need for maintenance or replacement.

Following biological treatment, the wastewater passes to final settlement tanks where most of the biological solids are deposited as sludge (secondary sludge) while the clarified effluent passes to the outfall pipe for discharge after an effective disinfection using chlorine, UV or hypochlorite.
Tertiary Treatment
For reuse of water in horticulture, cooling towers, toilet flushing , etc. water from secondary treatment we provide further treatment using sand and carbon filters. This brings clarity to water and removes smells from it. Additional stages of ion exchange and RO are also used depending on final application of treated water.
Sludge Treatment
For small treatment plants, sludge is completely stabilized using air before it can be put on drying beds. However in large plants sludge produced can provide useful biogas for use as fuel. We provide several sludge thickening and dewatering technologies like thickeners, filter press and centrifuge.

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